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DISTRO: Red Nebula - Cosmic Collective Compilation 2X CD

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Image of DISTRO: Red Nebula - Cosmic Collective Compilation 2X CD
  • Image of DISTRO: Red Nebula - Cosmic Collective Compilation 2X CD

We are proud to be able to bring this excellent Anti-Fascism double CD compilation by our Stateside Comrades RED NEBULA to these cursed shores. We are the sole UK/EU distributor with 20 copies of this limited edition of 150 available to purchase from us, therefore saving on the horror of US - EU shipping.


1. Antecantamentum - Tonantzin 05:26
2. Mystras - Castles Conquered and Reclaimed 06:36
3. Underdark - Span of Black Nihility 05:42
4. Wishfield - The Fishbowl 03:24
5. Vociferatus - The New Opposition 04:43
6. Höstblod - Tomheten del 2 06:03
7. Hvile I Kaos - Hermetitude - A Wrathful Reclamation 08:15
8. Imperfectionist - Emerge 09:10
9. Baneblade - Atomic Storms of Annihilation 04:25
10. Feminazgul - The Shadow of the Dead Gods 06:06
11. Ypres - Gaze of the Silver Moon 06:51
12. Vermiculated - Eleven 04:12
13. Ashen Chalice - Pod Vatrom Stoje Pribijeni Na Crne Zastave 07:14
14. Rampancy - Black Gold 03:52
15. Ruína - Last Rites 03:50
16. Svärd - Kingbreaker 03:40
17. Uthullun - Ecstasies 05:47
18. White Mourning - How Sad The Evening Earth 06:55
19. Vera Cruise - Gloaming 07:24
20. Solifvgae - Ocean (As Elusive Memories) 09:13
21. Vulbo - Steven Sigàle 03:56
22. Astraliste - Herida 09:25
23. Ecliptic - Ἄλγεα: The Blessing of Pain & Despair 09:35

A coagulation of inebriated visions coalescing into material existence in the form of a Black metal compilation featuring artists from all over the globe. unified by their presence in the founding of what began as a mere shitposting group, the comrades who would come to refer to their musical promulgation efforts as RED NEBULA, are pleased to unveil this, a choir for the dispossessed, a Cosmic Collective

Eternal glory to: All members of The People's Black Metal Necroposting, for allowing this to happen. Special thanks to NutZach, Anna, and the rest of the Exalted Woe Records crew, Kriegsmaster Hatesturm, The Art of Asty, Dethfukk, the other Dethfukk, George Soros, Josh, Caelan, Severin, Farah, Marcos, Jarme, Shrek, Dar, Brannon, whoever the top 10 most active people right now are, Wehrwulf Von Yiffenkrieg, Kakophonix, whoever threw a brick through Zug's window, Chris Dorner, Drunk Nick, that girl who's boyfriend is in Ash Borer, all of our weed plugs, and most importantly, everyone who submitted a track for this comp.