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Hundred Year Old Man - Rei - Limited edition Cassette

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Image of Hundred Year Old Man - Rei - Limited edition Cassette
  • Image of Hundred Year Old Man - Rei - Limited edition Cassette

Our first ever entry into Cassette Store Day sees 2018's REI get its first tape release.

Pushing even further into the abyss, Rei opens with Sun & Moon and a monstrous slab of heaving guitars fall out of the atmospheric beginnings. Paul Broughton’s vocal erupts and the track explodes into life, destroying everything in its path until the shadows return to close, leading the way into an interlude that corrodes and drifts before joining these two monolithic pieces together. The title track demonstrates the staggering ambition that Hundred Year Old Man posses. Ripping into a cathartic sludge reminiscent of Neurosis at their best, it’s a towering, immersive, nine minute journey that refuses to loosen its grip until the dying moments.

The tape version has additional bonus tracks not featured on the original vinyl release :
Cease (part 1)
Welcome to the Machine
Phuul (Aemaeth remix

“a beautiful and devastating work that refuses to be bound by genre limitations" Svbterranean

"If you are into bands like Isis, AmenRa, Cult Of Luna and so on, this EP would definitely not mis-stand in your collection. A brilliant piece of sludge doom, and I don't say that very often. Highly recommended." Merchants Of Air

These ship in time for cassette store day 12th October 2019.