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Olivia Neutered John - Complete Castration Cassette

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Image of Olivia Neutered John - Complete Castration Cassette

Death metal and grindcore have long had a fascination with the extreme and the depraved; lyrics and imagery about murder, violence, and rape abound. Often, the songs and artwork depict women as the victims at the hands of men, to the extent that such things are seen as normal, and a regular part of the genres.

Olivia Neutered John flip such expectations on their heads. Blatantly provocative and unashamedly feminist in outlook, the release of debut album “Kill All Men (Starting With the White Ones)” in 2017 saw frontman Richard Weeks receive daily death threats for months, from men upset that someone had dared to invert the typical gender dynamic of pornogrind, presenting men as the victims at the hands of strong, powerful women, via the medium of blistering death-grind.

This hostile reception did nothing to deter the band though – and, in many ways, proved exactly why what Olivia Neutered John are doing is so important. “Kill All Men” was followed by the EPs “Transphobia Annihilation Squad” and “The Toxic Orgy”, which saw Olivia Neutered John continue their war against macho bullshit and prejudice, all done with satire and righteous fury that has as much in common with classic grind such as early Napalm Death and Carcass as it does modern, explicitly feminist death metal like Castrator and Venom Prison.

Limited to 20 copies, Astral Noize have 5 of these

Comes with "FEMINIST PORNGRIND" Patch!